McFall Monument
McFall Monument McFall Monument McFall Monument McFall Monument

Repair & Restoration

Repair & Restoration projects are as diverse and challenging as the design and construction of new memorials.The photographs above serve as examples of a few such projects. Click on the images for greater detail.

From left to right:
1. cemetery repair, with help of volunteers. Labor, materials, planning and supervision provided by McFall Monument Co.

2. Weathered inscription on marble Civil War memorial, partly illegible (on right). Inscriptions reproduced from existing paper documentation onto granite tablets attached to the original surface.

3. Old marble headstones moved from an abandoned cemetery to the family plot of descendents in another cemetery. Headstones and descriptive bronze plaque embedded into formed concrete.

4. Old marble headstone, broken and buried in the soil, cleaned, glued together and partly recessed into black granite backing, all of which installed on a granite base with frost-proof foundation at the foot of the grave. This is accompanied by a black granite headstone bearing the name and dates on one side and genealogical/historical data on the other.

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